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We know how stressful it can be when you're struggling to deal with a Plumbing problem. A leaking pipe or clogged toilet can quickly turn into a nightmare and finding a reliable Plumber to fix it can be a challenge. The good news is that you can stop the search! Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Inc is a long-established family-owned business with an excellent reputation in the Addison, Illinois area. We can quickly solve your problem and get your life back to normal in no time. No job is too big or too small for us to undertake, and we have years of experience in carrying out an enormous range of plumbing projects across all kinds of properties, so you can rest assured that your plumbing is in safe hands.

Install / Repair Leaking

Toilets, Bathtubs, Sinks, Drains

Are you having constant leaks with your Toilet, Sink, Bathtub or more in Chicagoland? Call our team!

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Toilets, Bathtubs, Sinks, Drains

Clogging problems can be a huge problem and inconvenience daily, in Chicagoland! Contact Russ today!

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Rebuild / Replace

Valves + More

Over time valves ware down, we implement only the highest quality valve services in Chicagoland!

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Based in Addison, Illinois

Drain Un-Clogging Services

Leaky and clogged pipes or grinding noises coming from garbage disposals make everyone's hair stand on end. Even us plumbers hate waking up to: drips, gurgles, and the whirring of a broken motor. Sometimes the problems are big; sometimes they are small. Either way, you can be sure that by calling Russ's Plumbing, serving the Addison IL area, you'll get an honest evaluation and the lowest quote possible.

Addison Plumber Services

What Does A Clogged Drain Indicate?

This is probably the most common plumbing problem people experience in their homes and businesses in Chicagoland. The problem is obvious, something is obstructing the water flow. The difficulty is in locating the obstruction. If a simple plunging doesn't fix the problem, then the clog is likely down the line.

Smaller pipes in and around your home can become clogged. At Russ's, we use the best applicable method to unclog your pipes. We don't dig unless we have to. For example, if a pipe is clogged with paper and other product, we can often use a rod to remove it, but if a tree root has grown into a pipe, we will need to replace an entire section.

Our expertise ensures our customers get a fast and accurate evaluation, a fair quote, and a reliable work schedule. We know you want as little downtime on your plumbing as possible.

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Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

A leaky toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water a month. Add to that figure all the homes in our community that have a leaky toilet and it's likely that millions of gallons of water go wasted each year. Many people let a leaky toilet go, their fear of costs leading them to tolerate the annoyance. The problem is usually pretty simple to fix. At worst we'll need to install a new toilet / tank, but most likely a new flapper valve will do the trick. Contact us for a FREE estimate and we'll fix your leaky toilet. Your life will be quieter.

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Addison Plumber Services

More Addison Plumbing Services

Faucet Services
Faucets are the focal point of every kitchen and bathroom. We've installed many interesting faucets for our customers in and around Addison, Illinois. How about you be our next one? Show off your own style with one of our faucets installed. Whether your taste runs traditional or arty, we have a wide selection of faucets, or we can install a brilliant one that you found.

Ancient Romans used to make their faucets out of silver and gold. Today, faucets are as special as they were 2000 years ago. Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Inc., understands the long tradition of art and function that makes shopping for faucets something customers enjoy. Honestly, when customers enjoy the experience, that's the fun part of our business.

So many beautiful homes dot the Chicagoland suburbs. We work to keep up with the tastes of our residents by offering a wide selection of beautiful faucets in every style. If you have an old and leaky faucet, let us bring a new look to your kitchen or bathroom. Call us or use the contact form for a FREE estimate.

Disposal Services
Ugh. Just plain ugh. That's the sound of a garbage disposal grinding to a halt. At the same time, 'ugh' is what we say to ourselves when our garbage disposals choke. If that reset button and a broom handle don't work, the problem could be a burned out motor or an extremely condensed clog. Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Inc., in Addison IL can fix and / or install the latest garbage disposals that are quieter and tougher than ever.

Sluggish, clogged, frozen, whirring, and leaking garbage disposals are soon fixed or replaced when you use Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Inc. Many older garbage disposals can drown out a conversation. While sometimes that may be a good thing, it can be a source of embarrassment.

Let us hook you up with the latest in garbage disposal technology. Today's disposals have tougher blades, more powerful motors, and best of all, they are quieter. Call us or use the contact form for a FREE estimate.

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Treating each and every project as if it was our Home or Business being worked on.

"Great honest people to do business with. Highly recommend them! Reasonably priced, tidy & efficient! Thoroughly pleased with whole experience & impressed!"

"This family run business does things RIGHT! From estimates, to scheduling, to actual service. All reasonably priced! Five stars is not enough for a company that goes above and beyond! Thank you Russ's plumbing for fixing our problem!"

"Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Inc. installed an outside sewer clean-out because I had roots in my sewer line. They were extremely professional and competitive on price. I would recommend them for all your plumbing needs."

"I have used Russ’s Plumbing many times and have always found them to be professional, responsive and reasonable. I highly recommend them for your plumbing needs."

"We had 4 estimates to get our sewer line repaired. Russ and his crew came in hundreds less than the others. They had permits the next day and the job was complete.  They cleaned everything up, too."

"If you want reliable and professional please use Russ's Plumbing! They helped me in an emergency, everyone was so nice and helpful!"

Helping Solve Plumbing Problems

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