Common Sewer Problems Chicagoland

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Your homes sewer line is your properties biggest drain and unfortunately it can be affected by several common problems. The most frequently occurring include:

● Root Infiltration – if roots from trees have infiltrated the sewer line they can rapidly cause
damage which can then become more extensive over time.
● Collapsed, misaligned, cracked or broken pipes – these commonly occur because of frozen
ground or shifting soil.
● Blockages – blockages are common when grease and fat is poured down kitchen sinks or
into dishwashers. Sometimes, blockages can also be as a result of another object restricting the
proper flow of water.
● Pipe deterioration or corrosion – older pipes which are made from metal or any other non-
PVC material can easily deteriorate over time, and this can result in collapses in the line as well
as a restriction of proper water flow.
● A bellied pipe – this occurs when part of the pipe sinks into the ground, resulting in the
creation of an area in which waste converges.
● Leaking joints – when the seals between pipes break, water may escape into the area which
surrounds the pipe. This can eventually result in a flood.

We are extremely experienced in dealing with all of these problems. One of our approachable,
friendly technicians can visit your property and advise you about how we can help before
actioning a speedy and effective repair.

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