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A damaged pipe can lead to serious problems in your home, especially if the leak goes unnoticed for some time.

Dampness, wet rot and mold are some of the issues which can end up causing structural damage to your property if left unrectified, and in some cases, the water could end up damaging your home electrical system, causing a potential hazard. If you suspect that you have a leak in your pipes, or you've discovered flooding in your home, simply call Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Inc and we can arrange for one of our friendly and professional team members to come out to your property quickly to assess the situation and to offer our expert advice. We can assess your problem with our specialized equipment and determine where the problem lies. No matter whether the leak is under the floor or behind a wall, we can locate it accurately and action a repair straight away.

If you find that your water looks rusty, has an unpleasant flavor or you're suffering from poor water pressure, it's highly likely that your water pipes are corroded. This is a common problem, however we can assess the problem for you and carry out any necessary re-piping using high quality, durable materials to ensure your water supply is once again reliable and clean for your health and well-being of your family.

The winters in Addison and the wider Chicagoland area can be extremely harsh, and often when the cold hits it signals problems for your home's water pipes. If your pipes become cracked or frozen in the poor weather we can help you out with timely repairs and preventative solutions for over the winter period.

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