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Russ's Plumbing & Sewer Offers Services To Chicagoland Suburbs

We handle all elements of sewer services and can work with both storm sewers and sanitary sewers to prevent blockages, to keep water flowing freely and to ensure good hygiene.

Sewer Clean Outs

If you think that your property may be suffering from a blockage in the sewer line, you will need to have the sewer clean out inspected by a qualified plumber. We can use cutting edge technology to check the line and to determine where any blockage has occurred and what exactly is causing the problem. We can then clear the blockage quickly and effectively to get your water flowing freely again and to eliminate drain backups. If you think your sewer line is blocked, switch off your water supply, refrain from using your fixtures and give us a call. We can visit your home and solve the problem on your behalf in no time.

Drain Power Rodding

There is nothing worse than the smell of sewage around your home, so if your sewer line has backed up life can get pretty unpleasant very quickly, especially during the warmer months of the year. This is an especially unwanted problem if your sewer line backs into a basement that you use regularly as an additional living space or storage area since backed up sewage can result in unsanitary flooding which can cause damage to your property and furniture. Sewer lines often back up because of tree roots which have clogged the line, or because a connection has become displaced stopping the waste from flowing through properly. The Russ's Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. team can help you out in either of these eventualities. We can locate the line which is causing your problem and use our power rodding system to clear the lines and drains of debris which is causing the blockage.

Overhead Sewer Installations

If you are experiencing frequent sewer issues with your basement one of the best solutions is to install an overhead sewer system to replace your underground system. Any leakage in a sewer system which is below the concrete of your basement will eventually seep unpleasant sewage smells into the concrete, however an overhead system eradicates that problem along with ensuring that any future repair costs will also be more affordable since the pipes will be more accessible.

Back-Water And Clean Check Valves

If you're concerned about the possibility of sewage flowing back into your home during periods of heavy rainfall, we can install a back-water valve to guard against the problem. A back-water valve can be installed on the sewer line to allow the sewage to only flow out of the property and not back into it. Perhaps you already have a back-water valve which isn't functioning properly due to a blockage or damage. We can sort the problem out for you or install a new valve wherever necessary to keep your property safe from damage.

Sewer Repairs

Replacing and repairing sewer lines becomes essential as properties get older, since the chances of deterioration increase over time. Collapses in the line as well as blockages can become a huge issue for homeowners leading to restricted or reduced water flow in the property. Our certified team of experts can diagnose, replace or repair your sewer lines to get your system back in great working order.

Water Repairs

Your external water line is vital for allowing water to flow into the home, with everything from your shower and sink to your toilet and dishwasher relying on the pipe to keep the water flowing. 

Usually, homeowners will be responsible for any water line repairs from their property to the street, so if  you're experiencing any of the following issues time to call in Russ's Plumbing & Sewer's team at  (630) 543-5250

● Poor water pressure

● Increased water bills

● Settling soil

● Cloudy water

● Frozen pipes

● A Faulty water line

* We can inspect your underground piping to determine if there are any ruptures in the sewer lines which need repairing without causing any undue excavation to your home.

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