Common Chicagoland Sewer Problems

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Your Chicagoland homes sewer line, is your properties biggest drain and
unfortunately it can be affected by several common problems! Learn more below.

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What Are Some Common Sewer Problems?

We are extremely experienced in dealing with Sewer related problems. One of our approachable, friendly technicians can visit your property and advise you about how we can help before actioning a speedy and effective repair. The most frequently occurring Chicagoland Sewer Problems include:

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Pipe deterioration or corrosion – older pipes which are made from metal or any other non-PVC material can easily deteriorate over time, and this can result in collapses in the line as well
as a restriction of proper water flow.

A bellied pipe – this occurs when part of the pipe sinks into the ground, resulting in the creation of an area in which waste converges.

Leaking joints – when the seals between pipes break, water may escape into the area which surrounds the pipe. This can eventually result in a flood.

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